Choose to give back this Giving Tuesday with our charity partner, RainforestTrustUK 

Together, we can help one of the last and most exceptional wildernesses in Africa — and the imperilled species who depend on it. From African Savanna Elephants to Cheetahs to Giraffes, these endangered species all face risks from oil, gas and mining development. 

The Boma-Badingilo Migratory Landscape is a savannah and woodland floodplain that supports the world’s largest antelope migration. Millions of White-eared Kob, Mongalla Gazelle, Tiang and Bohor Reedbuck feed on abundant grasses as they sweep across 9.3 million acres of intact wilderness. Once completed, this project will also safely store over 420 million metric tonnes of CO2e, helping safeguard the planet against climate change.

This extraordinary ecosystem needs protection now. Rainforest Trust is working with African Parks Network to re-establish two National Parks that lost protection during the civil war, and safeguard the unprotected acres in between as Community Conservancies. Together, this will safeguard a vast expanse of 9.3 million acres — an area the size of Switzerland!

Donate this Giving Tuesday to protect the boundless landscape home to many endangered species and your donation will be TRIPLED through the the link (in bio):