We have had a lovely update from The Clock Tower Sanctuary about how our donations important the donations are to them in this challenging climate - 

By September we’d already had 120 young people accessing the service, which is what we had in the whole of last year. We’re seeing clients presenting with more complex needs, over 60% of the saying that mental health is their priority need. Since covid, we are seeing worrying trends in the needs of these clients with increasing vulnerability and intersections in presentation across neurodiversity, learning difficulties, mental health and complex childhood trauma.

Like everyone, I’m sure yourselves included, we’re also seeing a real strain on our budget with the increases in bills – to run the centre last December it cost over £14k. This year it is over £20k.

In good news we’ve recently had great feedback from clients saying that the friendships they make with young people in the same situation and support that they get at the toughest of times, make CTS a vital stepping stone for them.