During the past few months, the children at Whoopsadaisy have been engaged in lots of fun and interesting activities as they work towards independent living. Some of the sessions were part of celebrating Cerebral Palsy month (March) and Downs Syndrome Day. The children also took time to reflect on their achievements, sharing these moments with their families and friends. In addition to this Whoopsadaisy worked in partnership with Birchwood Grove School in Burgess Hill and ran an event to raise awareness of Cerebral Palsy and Conductive Education. It was a great opportunity for us to reach out and raise awareness of the work we do to over 350 children who participated in this event.

On the 1st April we were at the Brighton Marathon cheering and celebrating the amazing achievement of Chip, one of our children, and his friends who ran the Mini Mile to raise funds for Whoopsadaisy. This was a fantastic and inspiring day for us all as we witnessed Chip, attain one of his long held dreams to run the mini marathon.

Shortly after this momentous occasion the Easter holidays were upon us and we had a host of fun filled sessions for the children to participate in. We have also been busy developing ideas and coordinating activities to set up a new programme that focuses on supporting children and young people within the 12 + age group. The young people who attended this pilot project participated in
lots of art activities where they learnt new skills and produced some really beautiful artwork. We are planning to auction these pieces of art later this year – yes, they are that good! Given the positive feedback we received from both the young people and their parents, we are even more determined now to develop this project further in a way that brings together young people, with and without disabilities to socialise, learn and build friendships.