For World Wildlife Day this year we have made a donation of £5000 towards protecting the Most Important Forests Left for Tigers in Malaysia through an initiative with Rainforest Trust UK

"One of the rarest tigers in the world, the Malayan Tiger, needs urgent protection as it faces extinction from poaching and habitat loss.

There is estimated only 150 Malayan Tigers in existence today

Rainforest Trust and our partner, Panthera, will expand the existing network of high-quality big-cat habitat by safeguarding 332,541 acres in Malaysia’s most important tiger stronghold, the 1.4 million-acre greater Taman Negara National Park landscape. The new protections will be achieved with the creation of the 102,905-acre Tembeling Protected Area and upgrading the protection status of the adjacent 229,636-acre Gunung Aais Forest Reserve with on-the-ground safeguards against poaching.

Part of a 20-year strategy to save the entire central forest spine of Peninsular Malaysia for threatened species, the new protected area offers connections to Kenyir State Park, created by Rainforest Trust in 2018, and other forest and watershed reserves. Our partner and other stakeholders will also advocate for the need to restrict the uses of a proposed new road that will cross the northern portion of the protected area, where the virtually undisturbed, primary rainforest of Gunung Aais Forest Reserve is a carbon vault of global significance."

Sugarhill Brighton feel this is a very worthy cause as there is so few of these Tigers left in the world. oUR £5,000 donation was doubled to £10,000 for the tigers!

This would be enough to protect 672 acres which would therefore bring our lifetime total to 68,614!