Recently team SB had a wonderful day out at Spring Farm Alpacas.

Based in Fletching, Sussex, this farm is a stone’s throw away from the office. Aleks only had to mention the word Alpacas and we were all sold, especially Becci!

Alpacas (and Llamas) are delightful and friendly animals; they each knew their own names and had their own personalities. The Alpacas are super relaxing to be around, with their gentle nature, they are great fun to take for a walk. Some were a little more head strong than others, leading the heard whilst others were happy plodding along at the back.

The farm did a fantastic job giving us lots of Lama and Alpaca facts, explaining about their lovely wool and making sure everyone was comfortable (us and the animals) throughout the walk.

We had a fab time walking around the fields, allowing the Alpacas to graze and show us the lay of the land. After our trek we treated our walking buddy to a cup of carrots and a whole load of neck scratches.

After, we were lucky enough to visit the field with the mamas and babies. They were delightfully inquisitive, honing in on bright coloured jumpers and playfully chewing Livi's hair!

We all felt perfectly chilled after our trek, what a fabulous day out. 🧡❤️💛💚💙💜