This year we would like to share our very first Sugarhill Giving Annual Impact Report with you - which is a round up of who we have supported and the impact it has made. 

Social and ethical responsibility is one of our guiding principles at Sugarhill Brighton. 2% of each sale to social and environmental causes, and a tree is planted for each order

Of course we couldn’t support these charities and causes without you lovely lot making orders - so this is also a thank you to our lovely community who continue to shop with us and enable us to give back. 

2% of each sale goes to charity

The donations to Rainforest Trust who saves endangered wildlife and protects our planet by creating rainforest reserves through partnerships, community engagement and donor support helped protected a total of 15,267 acres of flooded forest in Brazil! 366M metric tons of CO2 equivalents will be safeguarded in the heart of the Amazon. Lands inhabited by Indigenous Peoples are the last and best hope for saving the Amazon and is essential to tackling deforestation. This project supported local communities in developing management plans and training them in sustainable development approaches to improve livelihoods while maintaining forest integrity.

Rainforest Protected

Sugarhill has been a member of the Rainforest Trust Conservation Circle since 2020. To date our donations have protected 271km2 of rainforest. That includes 12.1km2 of new national park for chimpanzees & pygmy hippos in Liberia, 44.2km2 acres in Democratic Republic of the Congo for forest elephants & lowland gorillas.
To visualise we have created a map and table where we can compare this amount of land with places in the UK. You can see from our list below that so far we have protected an area the size of Yell in Scotland.


Area (km2)



Great Britain


England, Scotland and Wales, United Kingdom



Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Lewis and Harris[7]


Outer Hebrides

Scotland, United Kingdom

Isle of Skye[7]


Inner Hebrides

Scotland, United Kingdom

Mainland (Shetland)[7]


Shetland Islands

Scotland, United Kingdom

Mainland (Orkney)[7]


Orkney Islands

Scotland, United Kingdom

Sugarhill Brighton 



Colombia, Bolivia, Nepal, Liberia, DRC & more



Shetland Islands

Scotland, United Kingdom



Small Isles

Scotland, United Kingdom

South Ronaldsay


Orkney Islands

Scotland, United Kingdom



Aran Islands

Republic of Ireland

We have now set a target to protect 500km2 - this is nearly the size of
Mainland (Orkney)


£5000 in donations to 
Clock Tower Sanctuary who is Brighton’s only day centre for young people experiencing homelessness, offering a safe space, practical and emotional support. 

The centre has had an increase of young people accessing the services compared to last year, and their operating costs have also increased, meaning they have felt a struggle on their budget. Our donations have helped them help more people who are struggling and support them through this tough time. 

£7,000 in donations to Rainbow Trust who support seriously ill children and their families. Their Family Support Workers provide support in a wide variety of ways depending on the needs of the family.

Our 2023 impact report from Rainbow Trust highlighted that our donations to date have helped fund a Family Support Worker for six months. Enabling Rainbow Trust to be there for families from diagnosis, through treatment and if necessary, through bereavement, providing 138 hours of vital practical and emotional support.

£6100 in donations and gift cards for charity raffles to a Brighton based charity, Whoopsadaisy provides free conductive education for children with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders, helping them reach their full potential. 
Our donations help the children engage in lots of fun and interesting activities as they work towards independent living. They have been busy developing ideas and coordinating activities to set up a new programme that focuses on supporting children and young people within the 12 + age group.


The SEA LIFE Trust Merlin conservation programme, has successfully granted seven projects around the world covering a full spectrum of conservation issues. The seven projects include a breeding programme for endangered zebra sharks in Australia and coral reef restoration with the team in Thailand.


Other charities & causes we have supported this year

We are Brighton through and through, and proud of it. We are passionate about supporting our community and the magic city we call home. Love is love.

  • On giving Tuesday we donated £1000 to @faresharesussexsurrey (doubled by @biggiveorg to £2000). Fareshare believes that no good food should go to waste. They redistribute surplus food to charities that turn it into meals.
  • For Pride weekend we donated £1000 to the wonderful folk at @switchboardlgbt - in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Switchboard is a Brighton charity that has been listening to, supporting and connecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer communities since 1975.
  • We often get contacted by local schools and community groups to donate to their charity raffles - this year we have provided £300 in gift vouchers.

We also support causes further afield. 

  • In February we donated £3000 British Red Cross Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, a fundamental charity to help people who had suffered in the earthquake. 

Our goal for next year is to continue to support local charities and communities as much as we can and we will be bringing in a new charity or cause of the month that we will make a donation to. If you have any small charities close to your heart that you want to share with us please send them to We will not be able to help them all, but we will add them to our list to consider each month. 

1 order = 1 tree planted 

For each order you make online we automatically fund the planting of a tree in Ecologi’s reforestation projects, using native trees that thrive within their local environment, planted by experienced local planters.

This year was noteworthy as we hit our target of 100K trees.  

Here are a few examples of the tree planting projects we have funded:

635 Gliricidia sepium trees were planted in Uganda as part of the Mbale project. 

This project involves the establishment of 400 Forest Gardens in the Mount Elgon region in Eastern Uganda. Each Forest Gardens is approximately one hectare each in size, and local farmers are supported and trained to establish and look after their Forest Gardens over a period of 4 years.

810 Sesbania sesban trees were planted in Ethiopia as part of Jabi-Tehnan project.

This project aims to restore 10,000 hectares of degraded land in the Amhara region of Ethiopia by supporting the introduction of 11.9 million trees, in collaboration with The Hunger Project. These will be introduced by three methods: planting, assisted natural regeneration, and conservation.


We are very proud with what we have achieved so far working alongside Ecologi, and now we have set ourselves a new target of 250k trees planted

It isn’t just planting trees that Ecologi work on. Here are some of the other projects that we have contributed to this year - 

Protecting rainforest in a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia. This project will prevent the emission of 14,000,000 tCO2e over the first 10 years.

Avoiding methane emissions from landfill in Brazil. This project is expected to produce 102,579MWh of energy during its lifetime. 


You can view all of the projects that we have been a part of here