Happy Distractions | Our team's favourite Instagram accounts 

Olivia's pick: @thehappynewspaper
A real newspaper to share positive news and wonderful people. It's strange and scary out there at the moment, while we don't suggest you turn a blind eye to the big story dominating the news, it can be helpful to take in these little happy tidbits too.

Natalie's pick: @cheapoldhouses
"The most architecturally-intact rabbit hole you’ve ever fallen down." Aptly named, the account posts extremely reasonably priced, old homes that are currently on the market to be salvaged. We love investigating these forgotten gems and daydreaming of restoring them to their former glory.

Stacey's pick: @celestebarber
Australian comedian Celeste Barber went viral in 2015 for her recreations of international celebrity Instagram photos. Since then she has continued to delight viewers with the hilarious parody account.
Celeste Barber also made history when she raised a staggering $52million for Australia's rural firefighters.

Becci's pick: @howtocakeit
Ever made a cake that looks like a lobster? A gumball machine? A giant rainbow narwhal? No we haven't either, but these guys have! Grab a cup of tea and discover #happybakes and amazing decorating skills.
Warning - may make you hungry.

Lucy's pick: @natgeotravel
Explore the vibrancy and culture of the world through the lens of National Geographic's award winning photographers (without leaving the comfort of your sofa) Each beautiful shot is accompanied by a description of the scene, interesting information and a link to the photographer.

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